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"The only DHA with proven antioxidant activity in humans."

BRUDY TECHNOLOGY is a research and development (R&D) company founded in Barcelona in 1999 and with 100% Spanish capital. BRUDY TECHNOLOGY's main objective is to detect technological needs in sectors as diverse as food, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical, among others. Its purpose is to develop research projects that provide adequate solutions to these needs and to generate totally new products for market niches yet to be discovered.

BRUDY TECHNOLOGY has taken another step forward in research on Omega 3. After more than eight years of research on the characteristics of the DHA molecule in humans at the Universities of Murcia, Madrid, Almería and Barcelona and at the General Laboratory d'Assaigs i Investigacions (LGAI) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, ALGATRIUM Plus has been created, a revolutionary nutritional ingredient on an international scale that delays cellular aging and is a unique and optimal source of highly bioavailable DHA.

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Mostrando 1-5 de 5 artículo(s)